Navruz is being celebrated in every corner of our country, reflecting our national values. One of such celebratory holidays was held at Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry. 
The exciting songs performed by our countrymen, various national sweets, national meals, and songs by our students have made the holiday even more intense. At first, in the yard of the institute was organized "Navruz" sayil. 
It was attended by professors and teachers of the faculties and students at the festive table. The students enjoyed their delicacies with the kindness and glamor of their dresses and guests, including the cuisine they had prepared. Everyone was delighted that all their meals were made in a timely manner by giving Navruz a glimpse. After that, the faculty of "Technology of light industry and design" organized a festive event at the "Palace of Culture". 
At the event, the Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs, U.Abdullaev, congratulated everyone with Navruz on behalf of the institute's management. The event featured poems, melodies and performance, as well as various lapars and dances devoted to Navruz. At the end of the event the song "Vatan" was sounded. Every day in our beautiful, unique, unforgettable homecoming, watch the wedding party and get on with holidays. Only good times can be found in our Paradise home.
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